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When to Turn to a Rehab Hospital for Recovery

When you are injured or get diagnosed with a disease, you may need rehabilitation services to help get you back to the life you once lived. Rehabilitation helps to improve the body’s functionality, and there are a variety of different care facilities and hospitals to choose from. Our inpatient rehabilitation hospital is a state-of-the-art rehab hospital, offering a higher level of care and more intense level of physical, occupational, and speech therapy.

Patients referred to shreveport rehabilitation hospital are medically stable, but need further assistance and around the clock care prior to heading home. Rehab hospitals offer 24-hour nursing care and daily physician check ups. Patients can expect to perform at least three hours of therapy a day, five days a week. The goal of inpatient rehabilitation is to restore the function as fully as possible, and when necessary help patients learn new ways to accomplish daily tasks in light of a debilitating injury. Let’s dive in to see what else Shreveport Rehab Hospital has to offer.

We care for and treat stroke survivors in need of extensive rehabilitation when the stroke, also known as a cardiovascular accident (CVA), has caused a significant decrease in the patient’s ability to function day to day. But how can Shreveport Rehab Hospital help get you back on your feet after a debilitating injury like a stroke?

Our hospital offers patients and their families high-quality stroke rehabilitation care in our beautiful, and comforting state-of-the-art hospital. Our inpatient rehabilitation is specifically designed to meet the needs of our stroke patients by providing rehabilitation services that offer a holistic, integrated, and comprehensive approach to acute, intensive inpatient rehabilitation.

Each one of our stroke survivors comes to us with unique physical, cognitive, psychological, social, and work-related levels of functioning. Our program helps improve communication through speaking and writing, with a speech pathologist. Our team will also focus on managing basic daily activities such as bathing and eating. Therapists will assist in working to increase balance and coordination, as well as improve memory and judgement.

Shreveport Rehabilitation Hospital is specifically designed to meet the needs of our amputee patients. With a focus on addressing your physical, psycho-social and functional needs, our specialized team of amputation rehabilitation experts work together to develop a personalized detailed plan for every patient.

Our treatment team ensures that you have the resources and education around optimal prosthetic devices you may be considering. We will teach you how to care for your new prosthetic to ensure you get the most out of your recovery process.

Our treatment program includes caring for the residual limb and using the prosthesis. We also help patients assess any environmental changes that will need to be made at work or home.

If you have experienced a spinal cord injury and need rehabilitation then look no further. Our rehab team seeks to understand your current lifestyle, relationships, and home environment since spinal cord injuries can be very complex, impacting your ability to move as well as breathing, bowel or bladder control or sexual function.

Treatment will focus on helping patients how to adapt to and manage new activities of daily living. Our goal is to help patients improve their health, adapt to the changes of their bodies and adjust to living in their home and community. Below are some more ways our hospital can assist a spinal cord injury

  • If you have recently had an acute traumatic spinal cord injury, a spinal tumor or other disease impacting the central or peripheral nervous system, our team has the expertise to assist in your recovery

  • If you have experienced recent changes in your medical status or your ability to function from a prior spinal cord injury, we can reevaluate your condition and offer specific treatment plans for recovery

To learn more about spinal cord injury rehabilitation contact us today to learn more about how we can help

At Shreveport Rehabilitation Hospital we also treated patients with debilitating injuries in need of extensive rehabilitation when the trauma has resulted in significant decrease in their ability to function day to day. These multiple trauma injuries can include severe injuries to the head, chest, spine, internal organs, skin or extremities due to a motor vehicle, industrial or domestic accident.

Our treatment team uses Physical Therapy to restore the movement, strength, and function of the affected body parts using advanced hands-on care, virtual reality, and other advanced technologies. Occupational therapists will also address issues that may affect day to day functions such as brushing your teeth or using the bathroom. Our team wants to make sure you can go about your daily activities safely upon release.

If you or a loved on has experienced one of the injuries above please contact us today to learn more about how we at Shreveport Rehabilitation Hospital can assist. Every injury is different but our treatment team strives to offer exceptional treatment to every patient that walks through our doors.

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