Billing Information

Transparency in Healthcare

Billing Information - Indianapolis-Rehab

Shreveport Rehabilitation Hospital will send you a bill after discharge from our hospital.


If you have any questions about the billing process during your stay, or once you receive your bill, please contact our business office at 


Pricing and Chargemaster Information

Shreveport Rehabilitation provides transparency into our pricing for our services as well as the process for patient billing to all of our patients.  Our charges for our services will be listed on our website prior to the opening of our hospital. Actual charges for our services may vary based on your medical needs at the time our services are provided to you.  


Additionally, charges for physician services are not reflected in our charge list as these are billed separately by your physician.  Please contact our Business Office at 888-424-2455  if you have any questions about our charges or if you would like to request an estimated quote.