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State of the art private suites to help your transition.


We offer an amazing healing environment

Our pristine, cutting-edge hospital has been specifically designed to meet the rehabilitation needs of all our patients. 

While we know  the ultimate goal is to get you back on your feet, We also know that providing a calming, dedicated atmosphere for therapy, rest and rejuvenation are the keys to success. 

Home Like Environment

Our treatment team prepares the patient and their family on how to best transition to home-life.  The Shreveport Rehab Hospital's ADL Suite (activities of daily living) is set up like home with a kitchen, living area, laundry, and bathroom where our patients can get comfortable using their' home skills' before actually returning home.  

Simple tasks such as preparing a meal and using various appliances and technology are practiced in our home-like suite with our treatment team's aide.


Our ADL Suite is here for our patients to practice.

Our patients can try out their 'real-life' in a safe environment with their family and our occupational therapist to help them.  A few examples of tasks they can practice in the ADL Suite are:

  • Preparing and serving a meal or snack with the use of the cooking appliances including the oven, microwave, coffee pot, refrigerator, and cleaning up using the dishwasher

  • Changing positions from dining chair to standing.

  • Personal grooming such as brushing teeth or  taking a bath in our full-size bathtub

  • Operating a TV or computer for work or play

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