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Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation in Shreveport

A spinal cord injury (SCI) is a life altering event that typically requires an intense amount of immediate medical care and rehabilitation. An injury to the spinal cord can affect different body parts from functioning such as the ability to move the upper or lower extremities, the ability to breathe, or the ability to control other bodily functions. SCIs are often the result of a motor vehicular accident, trauma or even a fall and often the highest risk of individuals are often between the ages of 15-25. However, the spinal cord can also be compromised by a tumor or other disease which can result in a loss of body function.

What Rehabilitation Treatment Can I Expect?

The focus on rehabilitation after a person sustains an SCI is maximizing independence and preventing secondary complications and infections. Upon release from the hospital’s immediate medical care, the patient is transferred to an inpatient rehabilitation hospital. The patient will be cared for by a multidisciplinary approach of therapists, nurses, and physicians. The individualized plan of care is managed by a physical and medicine rehabilitation physician and consists of an intense rehabilitation treatment up to 3 hours each day.

Different therapy modalities are used in the SCI rehab treatment depending on the level of the injury and the severity of the injury. Physical therapy consists of specific exercises to strengthen muscle loss of affected body parts. Occupational therapists assess the patient’s ability to manage daily tasks and incorporate therapies to optimize the ability to carry out these tasks. The plan of care may include various mobility assist devices. Speech therapy is part of the SCI rehab plan of care when the injury has affected the ability to communicate.

The rehabilitation team also helps the patients and the family determine the best and safest discharge plan for the patient. Spinal cord injuries are often life altering events that can put a lot of new stressors on family and friends. Our team will help educate and train family members how to take care of their loved one once they are discharged.

What Will Recovery Look Like?

Recovery from a spinal cord injury will depend on the level and severity of the injury. If the injury was higher on the neck, the impact can be much greater to total body functioning than if the SCI was lower in the back. Essentially the injury location can impact any or all body functions below the level of the spinal cord injury. The highest risk of complications and infections typically occur in the first year following the injury.

Admission to Shreveport Rehabilitation Hospital

Our rehabilitation hospital has a number of rehabilitation services including spinal cord injury rehabilitation. Please contact us at Shreveport Rehabilitation Hospital:

  • If you have recently had an acute traumatic spinal cord injury, a spinal tumor or other disease impacting the central or peripheral nervous system, we are here to help you.

  • If you have experienced recent changes in your medical status or your ability to function from a prior spinal cord injury, we can assess your level of weakness or change and apply a rehab treatment to optimize the level of function at the highest level.

  • For admission consideration to our inpatient hospital for you or a loved one, contact an admissions specialist at 318.232.8880 or

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