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What to Know About Orthopedic Rehabilitation

At Shreveport Rehab Hospital, our orthopedic rehab service will provide inpatient care for patients with debilitating injuries and orthopedic surgeries in need of extensive rehabilitation. People are living longer and, therefore, typically undergo at least a hip or knee replacement at a minimum in their lifespan. With these types of surgeries, getting back to pre-surgical mobility can be overwhelming and even frustrating.

Conditions appropriate for Ortho Rehab

If you or a loved one had a bone/muscle injury or surgery that limits your mobility, our inpatient ortho rehab service might be the best choice for your improvement and return to your best life. Here are a few examples where inpatient rehabilitation is helpful:

Hip or pelvic fractures: mobility can be most challenging when non-weight bearing is required for a period of time

Hip or knee replacement surgeries: the 'new' hip or knee surgically implanted may limit specific movements such as sitting on low height chairs

Shoulder surgeries: one of the most prolonged rehabilitation periods and often frustrating due to the seemingly small gains made

Other fractures or injuries: people who have an injury or surgery and also have other medical conditions may need ortho rehab to help them regain endurance and build strength. At the same time, our physician specialists will manage our patient's medical conditions that they may also have. For instance, people with diabetes are often more prone to infections since surgery can 'stress' the body, resulting in insulin requirements changes during and after the surgery.

Benefits of Ortho Rehab

Our inpatient ortho rehab will provide many benefits, including:

  • Managing pain to fully engage in the physician prescribed rehab therapy

  • Increasing circulation, which promotes healing and decreasing the occurrence of blood clots

  • Reducing additional injury and fall risk

Rehabilitation Treatment

Our ortho rehab care team, which will be comprised of specialized physical medicine & rehab physicians, physical therapists, occupational therapists, rehab trained nurses, other specialty physicians (orthopedic surgeons, internal medicine, cardiology, and more), dieticians, and other support care team members, will assess the patient's goals for mobility and function, any medical conditions, and also understand the patient's home environment. The ortho rehab team uses all of this information to develop the multidisciplinary individual treatment plan.

Our Shreveport Rehabilitation Hospital orthopedic rehab team will primarily use physical therapy and also occupational therapy techniques to improve strength and mobility, increase endurance, and manage daily tasks such as getting dressed, bathing, eating, and working. When upper extremities, especially those surgeries or injuries that affect the hand, specialized hand therapy may be required since our hands are used every day. Our occupational therapists deploy hand therapy techniques to improve the function of the hands to the fullest capability.

Nutrition is an integral part of most of our rehab services. Proper nutrition aids in the healing of tissue, muscles, and bones when an injury has occurred, or surgery has been performed. Our nutritionists can even suggest anti-inflammatory foods and also adequate protein and energy foods during the inpatient rehabilitation and help plan for ongoing proper nutrition after the patient leaves us.

The patient's progress will be monitored as our therapists work with the patient at a minimum of 15 hours of individualized therapy per week. The therapists will have access to not only their training and expertise but also our hospital's advanced technologies to build the patient's strength and mobility.

Expected Outcomes

The ortho rehab treatments incorporated into the patient's plan of care help with pain management, normalize walking, improve the range of motion and prevent excessive scar tissue buildup. Our goal is to help our patients regain balance, mobility, and strength.

Typically a patient will stay with us for 1-2 weeks. Our goal is to put the patient back in their home environment at their highest level of function. Before a patient leaves us, our therapy team also educates the patient on using any helpful aides and equipment that may be needed in their home environment.

To learn more about our orthopedic inpatient rehab, give us a call at 318.232.8880

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