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3 Ways that Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospitals Help People Recover from Back Surgery

Updated: Apr 30

Recovering from back surgery can be a challenge. When searching for back surgery rehab options, consider receiving treatment in an inpatient rehabilitation hospital.  At Shreveport Rehabilitation Hospital, our orthopedic and spine rehab team provides rehab techniques and treatments specific to people who have had spine surgery, surgery for back pain, back injury, or other related debilitating conditions that may be causing severe pain.


Here are three ways that inpatient rehab hospitals can help you recover from back surgery:

  1. Individualized Physical Therapy – Back surgery rehab often involves rebuilding strength, flexibility and mobility. Our team of expert physical therapists (PT) will create an individualized plan of care that will address your specific needs and help you meet your goals, such as reducing pain, normalizing your walking, and preventing excessive scar tissue buildup. Additionally, these therapy techniques may also help you regain your balance, strength, and mobility.

  2. Occupational Therapy for Daily Activities – Sometimes, returning to daily activities after back surgery is more challenging than anticipated. Occupational therapists (OT) help you regain independence in daily activities such as cooking, bathing and dressing. They will also help you learn strategies and ways to use what may appear as complicated equipment to adapt to differences in ability or prevent re-injury.       

  3. Social Support – Not only does the healthcare team understand what you’re going through, but you’ll likely meet other patients who are recovering from similar surgeries. Ask our team about local support groups that allow you to connect with others who are in similar situations.


If you are planning or recovering from back surgery or a serious back injury, consider Shreveport Rehabilitation Hospital for your recovery. We are here to help!  Learn more about orthopedic rehab on our website. Our teams of nurses and therapists address the unique needs of each patient and create an individualized comprehensive plan of care to help each person reach their goals.

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