Headshot_CEO Toni Goodin_Shreveport.jpg

Toni Goodin

Chief Executive Officer

Toni has over 25 years in healthcare leadership in finance, operations, and human resources.  Her leadership roles primarily have been focused as a CEO and also as a CFO.  Toni has healthcare experiences in both acute and specialty adult and pediatric hospitals.  Early on in her career, Toni focused on an accounting path and was exposed to finance operations in banking and other non-healthcare companies.

Toni holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting, a Master of Science Degree in Health Administration, a Master of Science Degree in Human Services Administration, all from Louisiana State University.


Toni is very involved at both the local and national levels in professional, athletic, and charitable organizations.  She has served in Chairperson positions, Board positions, and many other leadership roles in the River Bend Rotary, American Heart Association, and Independence Bowl, to name a few.  She continues to serve on committees at the  National Football Foundation.