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Major Trauma Rehabilitation Services at Shreveport Rehab Hospital

Every patient’s needs are unique and may require a combination of different therapy services. Our inpatient rehabilitation hospital includes treatments for many different complex injuries and illnesses uniquely customized the specific needs of each patient.

Who can benefit from our inpatient rehab?

At Shreveport Rehabilitation Hospital, our patients typically have either recently experienced a new debilitating injury or illness or had a flare up from a longer-term disease or injury. Some examples of these complex diseases and injuries fall into the categories below

  • Major Multiple Trauma -severe injuries to several bones and organs typically from major accidents

  • Orthopedic injuries and surgeries such as hip, knee and sometimes shoulder depending on severity and impact to quality of life

  • Amputation Rehabilitation

  • Neurological Disorders such as Parkinson’s, Guillian Barre`, Multiple Sclerosis and others

  • Medical conditions including congestive heart failure, lung diseases, other cardiac conditions Cardiac Disease such as cardiac myopathy,

  • Brain Injuries both traumatic and non-traumatic

  • Spinal Cord Injuries

In this blog, we will dig into our Major Multiple Trauma rehabilitation services. A patient needing this level of rehab has typically sustained a motor vehicle accident, sports related injury, assault or even a fall that has substantially affected mobility and quality of life. Trauma situations can range from severe injuries to the bones and muscles to the significant damage to internal organs such as the brain, liver, kidney, and even significant damage to the skin especially in motor vehicle and sports accidents.

What to Expect in Major Trauma Rehab

Customized Plan of Care

Following a thorough evaluation, our Major Multiple Trauma Rehab team must address each of these injuries, the impact, the patient’s ability to endure the rehab program and the patient’s goals to resume life at the highest level of function.

The plan of care is designed meet a patient’s individual needs and goals. The treatment will likely include some and possibly depending on the injury impact as part of the Major Multiple Trauma Rehab services at Shreveport Rehabilitation Hospital:

  • Physical Therapy to restore mobility, strength, and function of the affected body parts using hands-on care, virtual reality, and other advanced technologies.

  • Occupational Therapy to retrain everyday life skills also called activities of daily living

  • Wound/burn care to restore skin integrity and mobility from damage to the skin, which may include superficial to deep tissue wounds and possibly loss of skin, muscles, etc. if burns are involved.

  • 24/7 Rehabilitation Nursing

  • Pain Management to promote ability to endure the rehabilitation exercises and services

  • Nutrition Education-proper nutrition promotes bone and organ healing

  • Speech Language Therapy to regain communication and swallowing function if speech has been impaired by the major trauma.

  • Emotional support

  • Patient/Family Education

  • Case Management and Discharge Planning to plan for support and resources including education needed upon returning home for the patient and family

Clinical Outcomes Improved with Rehabilitation

According to the Journal of American Medical Association and ARA Research Institutes, they reported that patients treated in inpatient rehab hospitals (like Shreveport Rehabilitation Hospital) have longer, healthier lives with fewer emergency visits, fewer re-admissions to hospitals, and a greater likelihood of returning to their homes.

If you or a loved one is currently searching for an acute inpatient rehabilitation hospital, then look no further. Shreveport Rehabilitation Hospital is here to support patients and families in their rehabilitation journey.

Reach us today at 318.232.8880 or about our major multiple trauma rehabilitation and admission process at Shreveport Rehabilitation Hospital.

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